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About us

About us

BlissPoint.space helps Brands to grow their eCommerce business and meet corporate KPI through sales, technology and digital marketing services.

  • We understand business, logistics & assortment areas, as we work also as a distributor and offer fulfillment services for brands.
  • We are excellent at marketing. We are aware of how important the positioning and pricing strategy are. We understand the corporate environment and its needs.
  • Our goal is to spend the media budget as efficiently as possible. We focus on solutions that really sell because otherwise we are left with extra stock.
  • In addition, we have a deep knowledge of technology and IT solutions.
Jarek Przybyszewski

Managing Partner @ BlissPoint.Space

Experienced manager specializing in digital transformation projects with the focus on E-commerce. Vast experience in delivering successful projects for companies from retail, FMCG and financial industries on regional or global scale.

He started his career in IT working for CERN, HP and Accenture where he spent majority of his professional life, while second part of his career he decided to move into advertising.

Specialized in setting up and scaling operations for the Clients. He was leading P&G (Europe) accounts in Pathfinder 23 delivering eCommerce solutions for all P&G brands. Previously worked in Saatchi & Saatchi IS leading entire eCommerce hub production for multiple clients and other Saatchi and Publicis offices around the world. He is the founder and managing partner of two companies: Blisspoint.space and Robotic.io.

Loves to constantly learn new things, solve complex problems and dreams of completing the IronMan Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii.

Kamil Przybyszewski

Managing Partner @ BlissPoint.Space

Has worked on the client and agency side working across Europe, US, Latin America, and Asia. Was responsible for setting up first global digital and E-commerce hub for Duracell, E-commerce service for P&G across Europe for 60+ E-retailers and 20+ brands, Microsoft E-commerce hub in CEE and E-commerce for Mars PetCare in Poland. Has been living and working in Panama and Cincinnati.

Kamil was co-creating Pathfinder 23 E-commerce agency where he built E-commerce global hubs for Bayer, Duracell, Lindt, regional hub for 3M (CEE) and local E-commerce hubs for Danone-Nutricia, PMI. He is the founder and managing partner of Blisspoint.space and Robotic.IO.

Loves creating challenging things from scratch, especially new businesses, services. In the meantime, he is restoring cars, racing, hiking in Bieszczady and reading books.