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Allegro provisions – what will you pay for?

In most categories there are no fees for offer posting. You will pay when someone buys your product as sales commission (sales provision).

Below we will explain how to calculate the provisions:

  1. Basic provision
  2. Highlighting (distinction provision)
  3. Deal Zone

Basic provision

Depending on the category, you will pay a specific percent of the product price.

Example: you gave an offer for 100 PLN in the category: Chocolate

Allegro provision in this category is 11,5%, so for every unit sold you will pay 11,5 PLN (the delivery provision is not included).

Category Product price Basic provision % Basic provision PLN
Chocolate 100 PLN 11,5% 11,5 PLN

Here you can check the provision in specific category: Fees calculator

*Moreover, if you do not buy any subscription, you will pay an additional 1 PLN for each unit sold.

Distinction provision (highlighting)

In case you highlight your offer (product in category “Chocolate” for 100 PLN), Allegro will charge you with an additional 19 PLN for every 10 days of distinction and 8,63% distinction sales provision. Together with basic provision you will pay 39,13 PLN (39,13%). 

IMPORTANT: Allegro offers a “free” distinction package – it means that you will not pay 19 PLN, but still Allegro will charge you with distinction sales provision.

Then you will pay not 39,13%, but „only” 20,13% (including the basic provision).

Calculation for product for 100 PLN in “Chocolate” category

Basic provision % 11,5%
Basic provision PLN 11,5 PLN
Distinction provision % 8,63%
Distinction provision PLN 8,63 PLN
Sum provision PLN 20,13% / 20,13 PLN

(paid for every 10 days)

19 % / 19 PLN
Sum provision PLN 39,13 % / 39,13 PLN

Deal Zone

There are two fees for participating in Deal Zone Program (Deal, Smart! deal, Hit, New, Quantity discount):

  • Daily fee (for a Special Badge visible in the Offer, charged every day)
  • An additional Deal Zone sales commission

So, what is the cost?

Daily fee

  1. Deal – 1,9 zł / 0,49 zł*
  2. Quantity discount – 1,9 zł
  3. Hit – 2,9 zł
  4. New – 2,9 zł

*If you post a multi-variant offer (you show other variants/types of the offer, for example: you present a t-shirt in red color, but you also add other color variants), the fee for „Deal” will be 0,49 PLN, and the cost of the rest types (b, c, d) remains the same.

Additional Deal Zone sales commission

It is additional 60% of basic sales provision (Fees and sales commissions)

So, how much does it cost? 

We will use the same example as above.

Our product is in the category “Chocolates”.

Offer price: 100 PLN

 Basic provision: 11%*100 zł = 11 zł

Delivery: free (Allegro Smart)

Additional provision for Deal Zone participation: 60%*11 zł = 6,6 zł* 

*(plus daily fee for chosen program)

To summarize, there are many additional costs that have to be taken into consideration while joining Allegro and analyzing each business case. The calculation of these costs is not intuitive at all. We hope that it will be a little bit easier with our article. 

We have not included the delivery costs in this article.

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