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Allegro cost estimation – how to prepare it?

If you decide to join the biggest marketplace in Poland, you have to be aware of the costs of Allegro account maintenance:

  1. Subscription and fix cost 
  1. Provisions -> Allegro Provisions
  1. Allegro Smart -> Allegro Smart
  1. Allegro ADS -> Allegro Ads
  1. Logistics



There are three subscription types:

  1. Basic Subscription – 49 PLN / month
  1. Professional Subscription – 199 PLN / month
  1. Expert Subscription – 3000 PLN / month

* The amounts given are gross amounts.

We recommend starting with Professional Subscription. You gain access to useful and relevant features:

Expert Subscription is the best option for sellers who would like to open the official shop or to join the Allegro Brand Zone. The most relevant feature for this subscription is a possibility to add the logo of the company/brand on listing.

Fix costs 


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