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DTC & marketplaces – whole ecosystem

Number 1 seller for brands on Allegro


Sales expanding without cannibalizing
Sales expanding without cannibalizing
Cross-boarder replaced with official channel
Cross-boarder replaced with official channel
Significant improvement of campaigns
Significant improvement of campaigns


Client had following
  • Expanding the official online stores sales with Allegro sales without the cannibalizing effect
  • Cross-border sales
We helped the brand to establish an official brand zone on Allegro and managed to increase their sales without the cannibalizing effect.

We also improved the quality of online campaigns through modifications, such as:

  • assortment
  • content
  • campaigning methods and targeting
To accomplish our goals and to achieve success we executed the following actions:
  • Full support in the field of logistics, fulfillment service
  • Purchasing and storing goods in our own warehouses with all IT support
  • Official zones creation for the brand on Marketplaces
  • Creation of official online stores of brands (outside marketplaces)
  • B2B distribution and marketing

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