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eCommerce sales services for brands

Buying and selling of products within eCommerce channels.

eCommerce Accelerator
eCommerce Accelerator We are eCommerce Accelerator
  • We deliver every service required (separately or combined) to boost your eCommerce sales.
  • We are willing to buy stock and take on the risk of sales while planning eCommerce activities for your brand.
sales / distribution
sales / distribution eCommerce sales / distribution
  • Storage
  • Packing
  • Delivery
  • Customer service
  • Returns processing
  • Allegro
  • Amazon
  • Shopee
  • Local marketplaces (Empik, Erli, Ceneo etc.)
  • skleptassimo.pl
  • sklepjacobs.pl
  • surpriseblackbox.com
  • eMerchandising
  • content creation
  • Facebook & Google campaigns
  • Marketplace media
  • Ownership of warehouses
  • 99,97% of orders sent within 24 hours
  • Scaling
  • Ownership of IT solutions (f.e. froybot.com)
  • Programs and systems adapted to individual business needs