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We use tailored made as well as off-the-shelf solutions.

designs localization and adaptation
designs localization and adaptation Automated designs localization and adaptation
  • Master Content upload
  • Content Matrix creation
  • text translation
  • ready to use localized assets
own plugins for eShops, for example:
own plugins for eShops, for example: Our own plugins for eShops, for example:
  • Developing own plugins for eShops, like dynamic bundles.
a proprietary reporting solution that offers:
a proprietary reporting solution that offers: Created a proprietary reporting solution that offers:
  • Standardized eCommerce report generation, widely utilized by most clients.
  • Customized reporting aligned with corporate standards.
  • Data sharing in versatile formats like CSV and XML, facilitating integration with brand BI reporting tools for comprehensive reporting.
scraping tool
scraping tool Allegro scraping tool
  • Our proprietary Allegro scraping tool, developed in-house, facilitates extensive data aggregation, with a primary focus on scrutinizing competitor prices and portfolios to extract invaluable insights.
processing system
processing system Bundles processing system
  • Our internally developed Bundles Processing System automates bundle processing not only on Allegro but also across various eShops and marketplaces. Integrated seamlessly with our OMS (Order Management System), this tool efficiently saves countless manual hours and eradicates potential errors.
store for Amazon testing
store for Amazon testing Emulator store for Amazon testing
  • our prioprietary eStore emulates Amazon in order to test elements not shared by Amazon with the brands and merchants.
  • allows eContent performance created at optimal global level before it gets to location.
  • includes Amazon functionalities such as variation filters and many other.
  • allows Amazon-independency thanks to testing any business related hypothesis.