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Basket changes on Allegro 2021 vs. 2022

Below you can find the data of real Allegro account Period Average order units [PLN] Average product price [PLN] Average […]

Increase of Smart adoption on example of real account

In the table below we present the percentage of Smart shipments vs. all shipments in 2021-2022. Period % Smart shipments […]

Allegro cost estimation – how to prepare it?

If you decide to join the biggest marketplace in Poland, you have to be aware of the costs of Allegro […]

Smart cost per delivery method

In the table below we present the Allegro fees for Smart parcels (selected delivery methods) depending on the order value. […]

Allegro provisions – what will you pay for?

In most categories there are no fees for offer posting. You will pay when someone buys your product as sales […]